About Me

I guess you could say I got into making mosaics because I believe "one person's trash is another person's treasure".   We had a big remodel done on our house & when you do tile work, they say to order 10% more than what you think you need.  I just couldn’t stand to see the scraps tossed into a landfill, so I saved everything.  I figured I’d try to do something with it…someday.  One of the first things I made was this little one with the monkey.  I had 1 leftover monkey tile ($9 each!) from the backsplash in a bathroom & the green glass ones were from another bathroom.  The “coconuts” & “grass” were scraps from the kitchen.  I didn’t know what I was doing, but it was fun to create something & it’s still holding together. 

After a few little projects, I attempted to make a table next to the barbeque on a pine disc I got at Home Depot.  Again, all but the focal tile were unused tiles from projects.  It looked fine, but over time, as it got wet, the wood expanded & made cracks in the table.  This one ended up in the trash.  Live & learn!

I decided that if I was going to put time & energy into this hobby, I'd better figure out how to make them long lasting.  With a little help from (more crafty) people than I on the internet and my design engineer husband, we've come up with a recipe for table tops that will last.  (For details on how they are made, click on The Process tab above.) 

Aside from crafting, I am married to my high school sweetheart who has patiently supported me & taught me how to use a band saw, table saw, tile saw, snapper shears, and more.  He  designed and built a gizmo so I can cut perfect circles out of the plywood and most importantly, has let me take over the garage.  I am also a mother of 3 amazing kids, a dog mom, I volunteer daily at our local animal shelter (Tri Valley Animal Rescue) and love playing tennis.